About Us

       We have been representing clients in a range of family disputes, from divorces to sibling estate disputes, for more than 23 years.  In family law, we believe there are no winners or losers.  These kinds of disputes are usually so emotionally charged and complex, clients cannot clearly or objectively articulate their position. We do this for them and frame their issues in terms of the law. We provide skilled and trustworthy legal representation, honesty and objectivity, and meaningful and down to earth counsel.

      We strive to resolve disputes without the need for toxic and protracted litigation, however when this isn’t possible, we are tenacious and smart advocates in the courtroom.  

       Each case is unique. We provide meaningful legal advice based upon the client’s individual circumstances and values.  We represent clients in cases where a party has an emotional and psychological disorder, (diagnosed or diagnosed), or is a substance abuser or alcoholic and understand the disruption they can cause during a case.  We are skilled at using specific strategies to minimize this. Whenever these issues are present, we make sure clients have access to support and resources if they are in need of help for themselves or their children

 We are located in the Hudson Valley, in Goshen, New York and appear in courts in Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland.