About Us

       Jeanne has been representing people  in a wide range of family conflicts, both in court and out of court, for more than 24 years. Almost without exception, these disputes are emotionally charged and overwhelming and people find it difficult to be objective. Jeanne listens, she takes the time to learn about her clients and to become educated about them. 

     Each case is unique based upon a client’s individual circumstances, values, and their desired outcomes. She represents clients in cases where there are emotional and psychological disorders, (diagnosed or diagnosed), substance abuse or alcoholicism. She understands the disruption they can cause during a case. She is skilled at using specific, empirically based strategies to minimize it. Whenever these issues are present, she make sure clients have access to support and resources if they are in need of help for themselves or their children.

      She passionately believes part of her responsibility as an attorney is to educate people about the law and how the legal process works so they can make fully informed decisions. The more knowledge a client has, the more effective she can be on their behalf.  She provides skilled and trustworthy legal advice and representation grounded in honesty and objectivity. 

      She strives to resolve conflicts without the need for toxic and protracted litigation, however when this isn’t possible, she is a tenacious and smart advocate in the courtroom.  

 We are located in the Hudson Valley, in Goshen, New York and appear in courts in Orange, Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland.

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